Web Based Institute Management System

exclusively made for schools, colleges, universities and all other form of study centres.

Course, Batch & Subject

To digitally manage the course, batch and subject of the institute. You can Add, Edit and Delete them easily

Staff Login

All teaching and non teaching staff will be provided with unique login Id, to do their reqular work in time effective way

Student Login

Each student will be provided with unique login id, to view their progress, new announcements, academic schedules at anywhere anytime

Parent Login

Parents will be provided with unique login Id, to monitor their children's performance and testimonials

Lead Management

Aonecampus brings data from every touchpoint with your leads into one clean view that you and your marketting team will love


Activity module enables you to create and associate tasks, events and calls. Every activity has vital informations


Digital management of applications, reduces manual interference. And so the tracking and filtering will be very easy


Move application into admission module to successfully enroll the student after collection of needed informations

Student Tracking

To track student's complete academic & background details, simply by giving his/her name or enrollment number

Staff Tracking

To get informations about a staff, their activities and achivements, simply by giving their name or staff code


To maintain staff and students daily/monthly attendance log effectively with the help of easiest interface


The comprehensive timetable feature, gives speed and easy way of generating, maintaining and monitoring timetables

Exam & Marksheet

Digital Exam & Marksheet application helps to create exam schedule, result release and report generations


Record and track disciplinary incidents to ensure that students are held accountable for their actions


Finance application helps you to maintain income & expense record and to generate reports and charts


A digital fee collection, lets you generate, schedule and collect fees and builds visual reports on them


Now automate your payroll management. Generate 100% accuracy salary outputs and payslips in a matter of minute


Our news managemet app helps to broadcast your campus updates for all logged in users easily and fast

Email & Text Messaging

Need to inform something urgently? use text message service to send your message to parents, teachers & students at anytime.